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Wings, Chicken wings, Hot wings, Happy hour, Buffalo wings (Buffalo Wing Restaurants in United States), or simply wings are chicken wing sections that are deep fried and coated in sauce. Standard Buffalo wings is composed of only two ingredients. Hot wings sauce and margarine, oil or butter. In Nationwide list of Buffalo Wing Restaurants, some areas outside of Buffalo wings are prepared with a breading, although traditional Buffalo wings are not prepared in this way. Buffalo wings are named after the city of Buffalo, America where they originated. In Buffalo, locals do not call them "Buffalo wings", but rather just "wings" or sometimes "chicken wings". The appellation "Buffalo" is now commonly applied to foodstuffs other than wings that are seasoned with the sauce or variations on it.
Chicken Wings can refer to a type of food, a serving of the wing sections of a chicken. Hot wings coated in sauce are also known as Buffalo wings. Chicken Wings, Official website with weekly new strip:

If you arrived here via a search engine, don't miss the full Information on Buffalo wings and Chicken wings. If you can't handle the heat of Wings, you'll also find other alternative recipes here for Chicken Wings NYC and Hot Wings NYC.
Of course, our ancestors used all parts of the chicken wings. Usually the wings, back, and neck were used to flavor soups and stocks. Thus, chicken wings fell a bit out of favor until an enterprising nationwide list of Buffalo Wing Restaurants came up with a chicken wing recipe that would soon sweep the world off its feet.

The wingmasters is provides a Social Networking Website for Buffalo Wing Restaurants      designed specifically so that every buffalo wings can find about who came up with the original Hot Wing, USA. Having an excess of chicken wings on hand, we fried up the wings, dipped them in a buttered spicy chilly sauce, the wings were an instant hit.

The Wings 'n' Happy hour Restaurant also claim a hot wing first. The parts of the wing used will also vary from Chicken Wings restaurant to restaurant.
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