Cooking Bajan Fried Chicken

Bajan fried chicken is a Caribbean style recipe that many people find absolutely mouth watering. As with any kind of recipe, there are of course different variations of this scrumptious meal, however one thing remains the same-the need prepare your meal safely. Here are a few important tips on how to safely prepare your bajan fried chicken so that your meal is a great success.

7. Buy fresh chicken. It is important that you purchase chicken that is very fresh. This will cause a lower risk in purchasing chicken that is already spoiled or old and at risk of spoiling. Rather than look at the expiration date on the chicken, look for the packaged date and purchase the chicken that has been packaged most recently.

6. Keep chicken cold until ready to prepare. Chicken can spoil very easily, so it is important that you keep your chicken properly refrigerated until you are ready to add it to your chicken recipe. Do not leave your chicken sitting on the counter.

5. Cleanse your counter before cooking. It is very important to make sure that you properly cleanse your counter tops and working area before you start making your bajan fried chicken. Cross contamination can occur from germs that may have accumulated on your counter from other foods, so it is important that you always clean your counter top thoroughly before working with any meat.

4. Cleanse your chicken. Before adding your chicken pieces to the bajan fried chicken recipe, make sure that you properly rinse and clean your chicken. Rinse under cold running water, rubbing the chicken briskly to clean the chicken skin.

3. Take care with sharp knives. Most bajan fried chicken recipes require using a sharp knife to cut up the chicken or to score the chicken for filling. Your chicken has enough skin of its own without you adding your own skin to it from the slip of a sharp knife! When cutting up your chicken, always practice good safety measures with sharp knives.

2. Beware of flying cooking oil. One of the most common accidents that happen in the kitchen is getting burned by popping cooking grease. When you are frying your chicken, take extreme care with the hot cooking oil. Cooking oil needs to be heated to an extremely hot temperature to properly make bajan fried chicken. Make sure there are no children near the stove when you are making your chicken, and preferably you should wear an apron and long sleeves to prevent skin burns.

1. Slippery When Wet. Since cooking oil usually pops and splatters when cooking chicken, be careful of the floor area during and after making your chicken. Cooking grease can splatter onto the floor and cause a slippery surface than can pose a hazard in the kitchen.

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