Duck Breast With Chianti. Leek Mousse And Boletus Mushroom

This dish is simple to make, but when you serve it people will be amazed. This one is really delicious and one with which I got a lot of praise.

The recipe is for four persons, just adjust the numbers for more or heavy eaters. You will need:

1 Duck Breast
0.45 pint of Chianti "Classico"
1 shallot
A little Rosemary
1 Leek Stalk
1 Large Sliced Potato
3 table Spoon Olive oil extra of vierge
3 Pieces of the Boletus Mushroom
1 Garlic Clove

Make shallow notches on the fat side in the Duck Brest

Use a deep bowl to marinade the meat. Prepare the Marinade as a mixture of the Chianti Wine and the chopped shallots and Rosemary.

Put the duck meat about for about 8 hours in the refrigerator, This will tenderize and the Duck Brest and give it a delicate taste that makes it a great combination with the Boletus Mushroom.

Cut the leek in rings and along with the potato slices fry them in some olive oil. Best suited for this job is a wok. Bring the season with salt and a pinch of pepper.

Boil the Leek and Potato mixture in the vegetables bouillon for about 25 minutes. Use a good blender to puree the mixture into Leek Mousse. This is an important one.

Remove the meat from the marinade and carefully dip it dry. Then lay the duck with the fat on top 7 minutes in the Grill. The meat needs another 5 minutes of grilling on both sides. (The Duck Meat has to stay a little pink on the inside)

In the meantime brush the Boletus Mushroom clean and cut it into thin slices. Bake them together with the garlic cloves in some olive oil.
Serve the duck into slices on a bed of Leek Mousse.

Pour some of the Marinade over the dish just before serving.

I love it with mashed potatoes and salad, fried potatoes are also a good choice but don’t overdo them.

Have a Happy Meal

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