How to Cook Bajan Fried Chicken

Bajan fried chicken is an excellent meal for any occasion. There are however, various ways to make it and a ton of recipes to choose from. Some people feel that one method of cooking works better than others, but it is really just a matter of opinion on how you want to cook your chicken. Here are four different ways on how you can cook bajan chicken, so you can choose the method that you feel will work best for you.

4. On the stove top. The most common way to cook bajan fried chicken is to fry it in a frying pan on the stove. Though it does not have to be cooked this way, this probably is one of the best ways to cook your bajan chicken, so that it comes out tasting the best. This method however is not ideal for those that prefer a more healthy meal, since the chicken must be fried in oil. Even so, if you prefer to cook your chicken in this more traditional method, but want something a little healthier, you can try using a cooking oil like Canola or Peanut oil that is better for you.

3. In a deep fryer. Some people want the crispiness and flavor they can receive from frying their bajan fried chicken, but don't like the mess they can end up with when frying chicken on the stove. If you have a deep fryer, you can use that to fry your chicken just as you would any other type of fried chicken. Bajan chicken does not require any longer cooking time than regular fried chicken, so just follow the same guidelines.

2. In the oven. Some recipes for bajan fried chicken specifically call for you to cook your chicken in the oven. These recipes will generally have complete instructions that will tell you how to cook your chicken in the oven, so that it still comes out crisp and tasty. However, even if your bajan fried chicken recipe calls for you to fry your chicken on the stove top, you can still cook it in the oven if you prefer. While you can still get your chicken to come out crisp, keep in mind that cooking your chicken in the oven will generally result in the chicken coating to be less crisp than it would be otherwise.

1. In a roaster. You can also cook your bajan fried chicken in a roaster, though this really isn't an ideal way to cook your chicken, as it is very difficult to get a good crispy skin to it. Even so, if this is the only way you have to cook your chicken, you can make it this way and still end up with an incredibly flavorful meal.

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