Spicy Chicken Recipe

Cooking at home is one of the things a family can do to have a bonding without spending much. The whole family can be involved with and make the tasks a little bit easier for mom or dad to do. Having a spicy chicken recipe can do wonders for the family. Spicy chicken is just easy to make and requires only the ability to follow the recipe and even your 12-year old kid can do it.

Before you start cooking your very own spicy chicken recipe be sure to get fresh dressed chicken in the supermarket. You can choose either thighs or drumstick, whatever you like. Buy the ingredients as well all fresh, to have it a delicious flavor to it.

There are a lot of variety for spicy chicken recipe, it all boil down to the ingredients you use as spices and other herbs to make the chicken a little bit tastier. The usual ingredients are the following: onion, garlic, salt, pepper, oil, chillies and the chicken. It all depends upon your preference as to what type of ingredients you want to add.

You can search for different spicy chicken recipe of Indian inspire, Mediterranean, or of Asian origin. The difference of these styles is the ingredients used. You might want your chicken to be crispy adding bread crumbs and fry it in a very hot oil over a deep frying pan. The gravy is another thing to make the chicken tastes better. Make it on your own or shop around of pre-made gravy to dip your delicious spicy chicken.

In cooking the spicy chicken recipe, others use the oven, crock-pot or even frying pan. It is up to you where you want to cook your chicken and which is more convenient for you to choose. There is no hard and fast rule in cooking a spicy chicken regarding on what cookware to use, even the ingredients. As long as you like the finish product and cook the chicken well then you did a great job.

Serving spicy chicken recipe should be served hot to make it taste yummy and tempting for adults and even the kids to eat. Served together with mash potato or garlic bread and you are off to go. Have a glass of wine, soda or even orange juice will be a great partner for your spicy chicken. Eat such spicy chicken during lunch time, dinner or even served during picnics with the kids.

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