Taste the Lynnwood Chicken

When you hear someone talk about Lynnwood, do you instantly recall the age-old ‘chicken ranches’? If not, here’s a peek at what the city originally was planned for. The area was developed and sold as one-acre lots almost a century ago, specifically designed for raising chickens. The old homes, which were used as chicken ranches can be seen even today in Lynnwood. And, if talking about chicken has made your mouth water, don’t be disappointed, for Lynnwood restaurants won’t let your appetite down.

From Ezell’s Famous Chicken to KFC, there is long list for you to satisfy your chicken-crave. And if that’s not enough, do not worry. At Lynwood WA restaurants are by no means scarce. From Chinese, Thai or Indian, to Italian or Mexican, everything is at your service. With the affable treatment to the lip-smacking menus, Lynnwood is for people with a taste for taste!

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