The Makings Of A Hybrid Bird, Also Known As The Turducken

De-boning, a key element that perhaps began in England many centuries ago. It was used to combine poultry, fowl and game birds into one roast, which was and still is an ingenious idea to say the least. Certainly, it was a tradition 'fit for a King' as it was actually prepared for many Kings and guests in the pass. As the de-boning process transgressed, many stories began to unfold when other countries began serving these hybid birds in restaurants.

When the French began living in Canada and the United States they played a hugh role in de-boning birds, while their unique seasonings made history. These people were called the Cajuns and Creoles, who later became founders of the Louisiana cajun and creole cuisines as we know it today.

After being exiled from Canada by an angry King, many Cajun and Creole people took up residency in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many of them being poor, lived off the land, and used their own seasonings (made from scratch) flavor local foods. Since that time, a large number of cajun and creole cruisines began to surface, and, hence, the turducken era began to unfold in America.

What is a turducken (tur-duc-ken)? Well, take a de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck stuffed with a de-boned chicken. Season it with cajun or creole and it becomes a Louisiana cuisine. But that's not all... special stuffing is added in between layers of meat, which makes this dish even more irresistible. With a choice of dressing such as, cornbread, shrimp-crawlfish rice jambalaya, sausage or seafood stuffing, you get one of the worlds greatest meals of all times.

Unlike turkey, the turducken carries its own unique blend of mouth-watering flavors. The fat from the duck keeps the roast moist and tender, which also enhances the flavor. Now ask any bird lover the following... "I'll bet, YOU can't eat just one serving." When the money is put where the mouth is... get ready to collect cause you, my friend, will win every time.

And of course, you'll win that bet every time.

As the notorious turducken continues to grow in both Canada and throughout the United States, Americans have shown a greater interest. This three-headed bird is mostly celebrated each year during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, as online orders and sales start to skyrocket. With that said, it's also true that many Americans tend to make excuses to devour this dish-- whenever the occasion strikes them. One example is, on Sundays when NFL football games are being played.

So how does one get a turducken on his/her plate? Well, you have two choices:

1. Pick a recipe that you like and prepare/cook your own turducken--see "Stuffed Shrimp Turducken" for different recipes

2. For a ready-made Louisiana turducken, just order it online. Simply have it delivered frozen to your residence. Follow the easy instructions for defrosting, preparing and cooking. Pop it in the oven and BEHOLD! A turducken you and your guests will never forget--see either "Stuffed Shrimp Turducken" or "Order Turducken Online" for further details.

Bon Appetite!

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