All About the Top Three Portable Blenders

Portable blenders are now in demand, especially for those who love the great outdoors. There are lots of portable blenders being sold in the market these days.

The summer time not only promises vacations by the beach or vacation for students. It is also a favorite time for barbecue parties and picnics at the park. This is also a good time for families to go to mountainside and explore nature.

This is also the best time where beverages are highly demanded, especially shakes, yogurts and purees. Before, going on picnics would only leave you with bringing canned or bottled drinks. This is because you cannot make shakes or other shakes and juices when you go out.

Right now, you can make shakes wherever you go. This is all thanks to portable blenders. This means that you can now make your favorite shakes or yogurt beverage anywhere you go. You can either charge these at home for a total of 24 hours or you can simply plug this in your car.

These are reviews about the three most demanded portable blenders in the market today:
1.Waring Pro Tailgater Blender
This blender has a retro classic Warring chrome type of base. This also has a plastic type of “polycarbonate” blender container which can be easily attached to the base and blade. You will even find some parts you can store and misplace.
Pros: It is considered as amazing in tailgate parties. It can be plugged even onto your own vehicle’s cigarette lighter. It also has a 15-foot extra long cord. Its base is stable. You can also detach the blade easily, which is very convenient when you clean it. It can puree yogurt ice and fruits no more than 1 minute.
Cons: Due to the cord, you can’t really go far with it.
The Price: $79.99 only
The Phone Number: 800-492-7464

2.Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender
This type of blender possesses a curvy sleek design which actually molds into your hands. It even has a very compact type of rechargeable base which can be detached with a mere push of a button. It comes with a measuring or mixing cup.
Pros: This blender is versatile. You can clean this easily since the blade and wand can be detached easily.
Cons: You can’t recharge this blender in your car. It takes more than a minute to puree some smoothie ingredients. It sometimes splatters when you use it.
The Price: $39.95 only
Their Phone Number: 800-726-0190

3.Coleman’s Rechargeable Portable Blender
This type of blender is considered as the tallest amongst all other portable blenders. It has a plastic black that is already as tall as 9 inches alone. Even so, it is lightweight and easy to hold. Even its container is made from easy-to-clean, lightweight polycarbonate. Thus, it possesses a one-button type of operation.
Pros: This blender is considered as stable and easy to operate. Since the cord is detachable, you can easily charge it even at home and bring it anywhere. So, you can make smoothies, shakes and yogurt in a matter of minutes
Cons: It needs to be charged up to 24 hour before you can use this.
The Price: $66.49 only
Their Phone Number: 800-835-3278

At current, portable blenders are fast becoming in demand in the market. No matter what season, blenders are a sure way of making healthy beverages for your whole family. With the advent of portable blenders you can take this anywhere you go and you can make your favorite drinks wherever you are.

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