Bakers Racks - Add Beauty And Function To Any Room

Who has the time to dig through cupboards looking for a certain cookbook or recipe? I am sure the resounding answer is no one. So instead of stuffing your family recipes in a hard to reach, too small cupboard why not try storing and displaying them on a bakers rack?

Once used in bakeries to cool breads and other goods fresh from the oven the heat from the pan would be transferred to the metal rack. Often these racks would be wheeled to the street to show off the baker’s wares. Eventually they made their way into homes to cool pies and other baked goods as well. But along with this adaptation for home use came the addition of style.

Often the upper racks were replaced with hutches for storage and scrolls of wrought iron and beautiful woods embellished the once stark and skeletal iron racks. Now bakers racks come in may sizes and designs from metal shelves edged with large flowing scrolls to solid wood pieces for storage and decoration. The best way to see the largest variety of bakers racks is to shop online. So don’t waste your time trekking to kitchen stores instead shop from the comfort of your favorite chair and finding what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse.

Choose from scrolling iron pieces or ones crafted from rich wood with hutches and wine racks. Often having at least three shelves bakers racks can hold anything from cookbooks to a few of your favorite vintages or even your salt and pepper shaker collection. And you don’t have to keep it in the kitchen. Place a corner bakers rack in your living room to display some souvenirs from foreign lands or some favorite photos and your DVD collection.

No matter what room you put it in you are sure to find a use for a bakers rack in your home. You may even wonder how you lived without one. You could use one in the bathroom to store linens and bubble bath or try one in the bedroom to store and display your child’s artistic creations or their favorite toys. Try one in the living room as a wet bar or use one in the dining room as a buffet or to store china and linens.

The uses for bakers racks are endless. So don’t hyperextend your back trying to find your grandma’s recipe for stuffed peppers. Invest in a bakers rack for your home and be amazed with the amount of easily accessible storage and style you can add to any room. Whether you get one with a wine rack or a small one for the corner you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of your baker’s rack.

No longer just bare bones of metal bakers racks can be elegantly scrolled with flowing designs or sporting shelves and drawers of oak or cherry. A perfect combination of function and decoration bakers racks make are an addition that you will love in any room.

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