Can Openers- then and now

A can opener is a handy tool to open up any cans but in today’s scenario it is not that easy to choose from the wide verity of can openers available in the market. The basic purpose of a can opener is to open up the cans with ease but the new age can opener not only complies with its basic duty but also performs many other tasks like knife sharpener, tool holder etc. Thus the can opener is proving to be more and more like an integral part in the kitchen.

But do you know that when the can was discovered in the early 1810 it used to be made up of such hard material that it used to be hammered to take out the contents, leaving absolutely no requirement of a standard can opener. That is the reason of the first can opener to be discovered after almost 50 years of the discovery of can. Strange but true, the first can opener came into picture only after the lids started to be made up of soft material so that it was possible to rip it off using a can opener and that happened 50 year later.

Since that time the can opener has undergone many changes to minimize human effort and to make the whole process easy to operate and hygienic. Many designs today are very handy and more hygienic to use. Can openers today are available in mainly two types viz. manual and electronic or automatic. Many manual can openers have changed in a slow process and many of them haven’t changed at all like the classic p-38 can opener. The p-38 for example is the simplest design of a can opener and plays many roles as a handy pocket tool. Designed for the army use this can opener was supposed to perform many tasks without a problem. But the electronic or automatic can openers have evolved fast. The purpose of an automatic can opener is to reduce human effort and the electronic can openers are successful in doing so. They easily rip through the lid of almost any size of the can without you assisting in the process.

While choosing a can opener one has to review the can opener on many important aspects. First is to decide whether it should be manual or automatic. The manual can openers are not dependent on electricity and can be carried to camp sites as well. Second aspect is the space it will acquire on the kitchen table. The best can opener is the one which can be stored in a lesser space. Third aspect is the quality of its blade; a good can opener comes with a sturdy which easily rips through the lids without leaving jagged edges which can be dangerous while handling the can. If the can opener is an automatic one another important factor is its motor, a powerful motor insures smooth working of the opener. The most important factor while choosing a can opener is hygiene. Ensure that the can opener you are planning to buy comes with a magnetic lid lifter or lid pliers. It is important as the magnetic lid lifter holds the lids while the blade cuts it apart and prevents it from falling into the food inside the can. This reduces the risk of food contamination and proves to be more hygienic. Also the can opener should be easy to wipe clean along with the blades. This helps maintain the cleanliness.

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