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One of the most embarrassing situations is having a family reunion with over 200 people and the food is awful. It's even worse when you are the one who plans the food for someone's family reunion. Even if you had everything planned well in advanced the food comes out a total disaster. You even gave the head planner samples of a few of your delicacies. You agreed to cater a 200 guest reunion all by yourself

After having the food delivered to the head planners home or reception hall, you discover that your food spoiled. The embarrassing part of your nightmare catering gig is that you have 200 people to feed and the food hasn?t arrived or isn?t complete and you do not have enough money to order food at the nearest five star restaurants.

To avoid embarrassing moments, don?t prepare large meals all by yourself, hire someone to volunteer and help you. The key to a successful event is practice and planning in advance. If you are asked to cater for a large event make sure that you can handle it first before committing to it. . One way to save time and money is asking volunteers to contribute food for a ?potluck? family reunion. Choose between 5 to10 good cooks to contribute 1 to 2 dishes for the family reunion. Have a list of what you need for this event. Choose good cooks only, everyone that wants to contribute may not be a good cook. You may request that volunteers pitch in for a Japanese Cuisine Themed reception but one or two people may want to bring something totally different.

You may have the best cookware available but those chipping in for the potluck family reunion may not have the proper cookware to prepare meals. You may want rice cooked in a crock pot or stir fried in a wok?.your volunteers may want to make microwave minute rice. The best thing to do is gather all volunteers for a taste test party. If anyone is not up to your expectations, politely tell them that you have more than enough food. Give them another duty such as purchasing paper towels and paper cups. All in all, the best family reunions are the ones that offer the best entertainment and of course the best tasting food available.

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