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All Sabatier Knives and cutlery are of their premium quality assortment, and are all produced in France. Other branded knives may cost less, but these are imported from outside Europe and are of a lower quality, performing to a less satisfactory degree. Sabatier has great knives for cooking.
The Grand Chef features fully forged razor sharp blades made of high carbon stainless steel, while the Sabatier Au Carbone selection feature fully forged pure carbon steel blades. Take advantage of significant savings during their super sale on these superior quality French made knives which adds quality for the kitchen as they make great knives for cooking.
These knives have long been held the knife of choice for many chefs as they make great knives for cooking. Stellar and Judge Ranges, both are available on the net and they are manufactured to the highest standards. They are made from a single tang of steel giving the knives strength, are dishwasher safe and have at least 25 years guarantee.
Their FM range of kitchen knives are a superior range with diamond blasted handles. They are especially hard wearing as they are forged from single blanks of surgical stainless steel and the taper is ground for successful sharpening. The diamond blasted handles give superior grip, even when wet and these knives are balanced for efficiency, thus ensuring less stresses on your muscles. They come with a lifetime guarantee and are dishwasher safe.
These knives are renowned world wide with for the quality of their craftsmanship and this wonderful set of knives is a testament to their manufacturing skills. The Judge range is manufactured to extremely high standards in a traditional design. Made of high-grade stainless steel blades and ground to exacting standards these knives will be around for many years to come.
Slicing and chopping will now be easy and pleasurable as these knives will keep their sharpness for years to come. As with all knives of a superior quality, the Judge knives have a full length "tang" and its riveted handles will provide extra strength. For extra strength, these knives have riveted handles and a full length tang.

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French knives are generally recognized for their superior quality which makes them great knives for cooking ( Whether you choose Grand Chef Knives with their high carbon stainless steel blades or the Sabatier ( Au Carbone knives which are fully-forged of 100% carbon steel, you can be proud of the quality for the kitchen (