How to Arrange Cutlery

The proper use of cutlery has plagued people for years. Most of the time some of the more beautiful sets of flatware will end up relegated to storage and never be used. They are so tempting when shoppers see the place settings arranged in stores and these become impulse buys for many. When cutlery is first bought they may see one use, but many are not removed from the boxes or even the chests in which they arrive. One of the reasons for this is because people are not sure how to place them properly.

There is long and fine tradition of rules and etiquette for fine dining that holds sway today and there is an established method for arranging the cutlery pieces and dinnerware with every meal. Many people find that it is easier and quicker to eat and run with food usually in their hands, and in this manner they can eat in a very speedy manner. This manner of eating is perfectly acceptable, but there is much to be said for taking the time to arrange your table properly.

Meal times are to be shared with those we love and to spend time with them while enjoying good food and conversation. These times can be shared and made even more memorable if we not only set a proper table, complete with cutlery arranged properly, and teach our children the proper method also. In this way you will both be able to convey a sense of proper decorum and they will learn useful skills that will serve them well in the future.

If you will choose to use these rules of etiquette with most of your meals you will be able to take advantage of opportunities to use your better cutlery more often You will enjoy the compliments of your family and friends because they will definitely notice and appreciate what you are doing The compliments that will come your way will be a huge bonus for you for your efforts. A good thing to remember is that once you learn how to set a proper table with cutlery you will have learned a lifetime skill that will stand you in good stead forever.

Each piece of cutlery is arranged according to which will be used first as the order of the meal progresses. This one rule is followed today. In the days of the Victorians, there were often numerous individual cutlery items. In those times there were sumptuous dining experiences, offering dozens of courses. There was no such thing as too many pieces being available. Today you will find many of these contrivances in the antique stores. They had implements for pickles, vegetables, meat and seafood, in addition to numerous others.

Tradition dictates that cutlery be placed with soup spoons to the farthest right, as soup is often a first course. Knives are placed to the right, and go closer to the plate and they are on this side because most people use their right hand for carving. The fork is on the left. Here you have the most basic cutlery setup of all, your spoons and knives to the right and forks to the left. Should you be serving a fish or seafood appetizer, As long as you perform this correctly you are not going to have any cause for embarrassment when arranging your table settings.

If you take a bit of time you can make the rest of your table look equally good. You may want to arrange for a tablecloth or just a table runner and placemats. Both can add flair to the table arrangement. Fresh flowers or candles will also be welcome additions at a table that is being crafted to both please and impress. Using your finest pieces is also very necessary and makes a perfect pairing with your cutlery.

You can create the table setting that you wish and you can accomplish this with style and flair. Make it as complex or as innovative as you wish. You need only follow a few simple rules to show off your dinnerware to everyone.

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