In Love With The Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Classic Plus Hand Mixer

Now hear this...I am totally in love with my Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Classic Plus Hand Mixer. It is beautiful, handy and sexy sleek! I have the pure white color which matches perfectly with my kitchen. Let me tell you a little about our love story.

One Christmas, my grandma, who is my kitchen mentor, surprised me with my Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Classic Plus Hand Mixer. Up until that point I had been using my handy dandy Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for everything in my kitchen. Who knew that I had been missing one of the essential kitchen tools! Go Grandma!

Talked about getting spoiled in a hurry! It did not take long for me to really fall in love with my new hand mixer. Until this time, I had used my big stand mixer for everything, but as soon as I got my Classic Hand Mixer I started using it for my smaller baking jobs. That one change made such a time saver in my kitchen since it is so much easier to clean up the small but might beaters instead of the huge stand mixer bowl.

The Kitchen Aid Classic Hand Mixer comes with two beater arms which are inserted firmly into the base of the mixer. With just a quick click, they lock firmly into place. If you hear the click, then you know you've got it right. Another thing I really like is the fact that with one simple click of a button, the beater arms remove quite easily for a quick clean up.

This Kitchen Aid hand mixer can be found in most retail stores for around $50. KitchenAid offers many other varieties of mixers but this classic hand mixer is great at getting the common kitchen jobs done.

Ok, so there are other high tech mixers out there too, but they typically come with a high price too. Not that they don't have their place in the kitchen, they do. But this classic Kitchen Aid can really stand up to the majority of kitchen baking jobs.

Hand mixers are great for small jobs, but larger mixing jobs are usually better managed by a stand mixer.

Don't skimp if you are a big batch baker. The hand mixer just won't handle those bigger jobs, it takes the big boy stand mixer. Again, pick the right mixer for the right job!

So if you haven't made the plunge into the hand mixer market, then maybe this is the time to do so. Your kitchen will be more efficient for you and after all, a well stocked kitchen is a happy kitchen.

The classic hand mixer is easy to handle, light weight and with the open airy design on the beaters you will love that clean up is a cinch!

I love my Classic Kitchen Aide Hand Mixer! It has been a perfect addition to my kitchen. Small baking chores are a piece of cake with this hand held mixer. Check it out and I know you will agree.

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