Kershaw Knives - An Introduction

When people think of knives, they tend to think of a few select companies; Kershaw is one of those well known companies. Kershaw is a corporation that makes nothing but knives, and is known for the quality of the knives. While the company is international, and is owned by a Japanese group, it is located in Oregon in the United States. There are many different facets to these knives, including where the company came from and the knives that they create.

Kershaw began as a dream for its founders in 1974 in a small city in Oregon. After a successful launch, and good starting business, they began manufacturing in Japan, where labor prices were lower. However, their quick start got the interest of the Japanese and soon the company was purchased by a Japanese owner. They decided to keep the American company based in Oregon.

Kershaw knives are one of the most recognized brands of American knives. In fact, they are one of the only elite knife brands to come out of the United States, while most come from Europe and Japan. Kershaw recently claimed title "knife of the year" and have even been seen on television shows, in movies, and the word "Kershaw" has been referenced in songs. Kershaw have indeed grown to be one of the most well known knives in the United States.

Kershaw also has a unique collection of dinnerware and knife ware for the dinner table, which branches it from its popular chef knives. Kershaw knives require sharpening, as most knives do, but with good care a Kershaw knife will deliver supreme chopping and carving for its life. Take a look at Kershaw dinnerware items as well.

The kitchen knives that are produced be Kershaw are second to none in the United States. Kershaw makes its kitchen knives from steel and they are the only knives needed by chefs. Kershaw kitchen knives live up to the name of quality and superiority that consumers come to expect from the company name. Kershaw kitchen knives continue the tradition of excellence by the Kershaw name.

Kershaw knives are made from a distinct type of steel known as great knife steel. This ensures consumers that their knives are crafted from the highest quality materials. Kershaw blades are durable and reliable and are perfect for chef's uses in the kitchen.

Kershaw's knives have a great handle, which is key for the control that a user has over his or her knife. With great balance and superior quality, their handles will last as long as their blades. In addition, they offer superior balance with their blades, another key feature for knife control.

The easiest way to purchase your Kershaw knife set is to purchase it online. There are a variety of different packages available from Kershaw's website, or your can order "a la carte" or one knife at a time. If you are looking to purchase Kershaw knives online, you will have to go through a local dealer of some kind, however, because the knives cannot be purchased directly from Kershaw.

Finding a dealer for Kershaw knives is easy. In fact, you can go right to the Kershaw company website and find a list of carriers of the knives. It is important that you know what kind of knife you are looking for from Kershaw, to make your shopping easier. It is also important to shop around. Finding the best value from different Kershaw carriers is simple. Check out a few of the websites Kershaw links you to in order to find the best deal possible. Make sure you give Kershaw another look when outfitting your new kitchen!

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