Rice Cooker Review - How To Pick A Rice Cooker

If you eat rice more then couple of times a week, a great rice cooker is definitely a good investment for you to consider.

In Asia, the rice cooker is an absolutely essential kitchen appliance for everyday cooking. And Japan and China produce most of the rice cooker in the world, and currently the best rice cooker brand such as Sanyo and Zojirushi is from Japan.

Well, rice cooker might extremely appeal to some busy cook for number of reason, it’s easy to cook, easy to clean, save a lot of space and easy to maintain with this one button technology. For those who eat rice 3 times a day, the rice cooker is always on. So, the one button technology, easy to clean, space and warming feature have become the basic features for the best rice cooker.

There are basically 2 type of rice cooker – one button rice cooker (on/off) and fuzzy logic.

One Button Cooker

One button rice cooker will allow you to shut off your rice cooker automatically. This is the most affordable rice cooker type. Its have basic feature such as keeping your rice warm too.

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

If you are looking for more advance rice cooker to have setting for porridge, soup, brown rice, rice texture and induction heating, then you might want to get one of the fuzzy logic rice cookers. Of course, it’s cost more with the fuzzy logic feature.

You can find more about my best rice cooker recommendation for one button rice cooker and fuzzy logic rice cooker at my rice cooker review blog here.

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