The Best Slide in Range for Your Kitchen

Exciting times are happening in our home as we are looking to purchase the best slide in range that we can find which will suit our kitchen remodelling job. The whole kitchen is being redesigned, but the only drawback is that we are working with limited space. The slide in range we felt was the best option as there is not enough room to incorporate a built-in.

We haven't previously owned any of the slide in ranges before and at first were a little hesitant about whether this was going to be the best choice. Our kitchen designer was correct when he said that this was the only way that we would be able to free up bench-top space, which was a priority for me. We have very large windows in the kitchen which makes it difficult to incorporate a wall oven into the planning.

We have been advised that the electric downdraft range is one of the best types of slide in ranges. They work on the principle of drawing the steam, grease and heat downwards through special ducts which are situated in either the cupboards or the floor. The actual vents are on the center of the cooking surface consequently making it unnecessary to install a ventilation hood.

Our new kitchen is going to consist of a kitchen island which is where the slide in range will be installed. We don't want to have to install overhead ventilation here, so the electric downdraft model will suit perfectly. All the reviews that I've read say that people who have these types of slide in ranges are really happy with them. I have been a little concerned that they would really do the job of removing steam and grease well, but obviously they do.

The best slide in ranges are usually around $2,000 which includes the extra downdraft feature. We think the extra money is well worth it, particularly as the warranty is so good. This is usually for around five years and includes the electronic components as well as elements and the flat cook top.

There are plenty of other features of course in this particular slide in range, such as the convection oven and wipe-clean cooking surface. The oven sounds fantastic and it is going to take a while getting used to this type of cooking. Fortunately though it comes with an automatic conversion setting which should help prevent accidents. One really interesting feature is that it has a food-drying cycle which I'm really curious to try.

After doing some initial research it would appear that the Jenn-Air is regarded as the best slide in range with the electric downdraft feature. It is considered on the expensive side, but has a great reputation. They also offer a dual-fuel model which is even more expensive, but even though gas is great to cook with, the flat cook top is much easier to keep clean.

Kitchen remodelling is such a fun time. Being able to choose new appliances, design cupboards and bench tops, and find the best slide in kitchen range has been an interesting and rewarding time. Patience is however my next step, in having to wait for the tradesmen to start their work on this exciting project.

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