The Facts About Wolfgang Puck Cookware

Wolfgang Puck is a chef who became a celebrity by building his flagship restaurant in Hollywood called Spago. Since then, he has become an all around business man and expanded into publishing cookbooks, opening multiple restaurants, catering business and branded products, including cookware and appliances. He has become so well known that he has even made some cameo appearances in TV shows and movies.

In addition to his cooking skills and business abilities, Wolfgang Puck is not afraid to take a stand. His most current program is called WELL - Wolfgang's Eating, Loving, and Living. The WELL program is designed to ensure that every one of Wolfgang's restaurants serve only all-natural and organic foods. Animals that have been crated unnaturally or those animals that have been abused will not be purchased or used in any of his food products.

Wolfgang Puck's cookware includes two separate collections. The Bistro Collection and the Café Collection both include glass covers, but the Bistro Collection also offers omelet pans, grill pans, saucepans and stockpots.

The cookware collection is of the highest quality 18/10 Stainless steel with an Excalibur coating. The Excalibur coating is a stainless steel product patented by Whitford Worldwide. Basically this coating is considered the most durable coating, highly resistant to corrosion and considered stick-resistant.

What is unique about the Excalibur coating on the Wolfgang Puck Cookware collection is that metal utensils can be used in the cooking process. Most cookware manufacturers recommend using only plastic or wood utensils, so this added ability is definitely a plus.

Because this cookware is specially designed to distribute heat quickly and evenly, the use of the highest heat setting on the stove top is not recommended. Medium to Medium-high heat is the highest recommended setting to use. This cookware is oven safe in an oven of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is recommended that one pre-heats pans prior to adding food for cooking.

Taking Care of Cookware
Due to the unique Excalibur coating, this cookware is dishwasher safe, but hand-washing with soap and water is the preferred method. Nylon scrubbing pads and stainless steel cleaners are also acceptable for cleaning purposes.

Do not use knives or sharp objects to cut food in the cookware. Even though metal utensils are allowed, the sharpness of the knives can scratch the surface.

Consumer Reviews
Most consumer reviews are extremely positive. Consumers report that Wolfgang Puck Cookware is a great value for the price, is extremely durable and is easy to use. Most customers also love the fact that this cookware is dishwasher safe and can be used with metal utensils. Of the few negative comments, stickiness of food was the most common, but even the consumers who notated negatives, overall satisfaction remained high.

Where to purchase
Wolfgang Puck partners with HSN and Sam's Club. Collections can also be purchased through the Wolfgang Puck cookware site. For purchasing used items or partial collections, e-bay or Amazon is most noted as the choice among consumers.

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