Toaster or Toaster Oven, Which One Should You Have

Toasting tools have been around for over years. Might not be exactly what you have sitting on your kitchen counter, however it was used for the same purpose. To crust up bread and enjoy it hot. Burning the bread probably happen more of the time. Today however burning the bread when using toasters is nearly impossible. With all the different items on the market these days, who can go without one.

Now today they have definitely come of age. You now have your choice between the two slot, four slot, six slot, and eight slot. The more slots, the more bread you can make. If you have a big family, the eight slot is the way to go. If that is not enough then you might want to try the toaster oven, unless your just heating up one piece of bread. Toasting appliances are definitely an essential part of today's household.

Toasters are used in household's all around the world to heat up sliced bread, bagels, frozen pancakes, frozen pastries and waffles. The toaster oven is used for foods that need a little more baking time. Most common foods used in the oven are biscuits, small frozen pizzas, and anything else that is no larger than a normal size kitchen plate. 80 % percent of kitchens in the U.S. either have a one or the two in their home.

If you are looking for specific functions that come with the two different appliances. Not many options are offered unfortunately, but those that are work well in the kitchen. Toasters made by Kitchen Aid for instance have a frozen pastry option that allows you to cook the food while it is frozen without worrying that it will over cook. Some of them also now come with reheat buttons as well as a cancel button to stop the cooking time. If you're a small eater, you can always go with the one slice of bread option too.

You can get wider slots for toasting whole bagels and making melted cheese sandwiches. they do however have limited capability, they do exactly what they are suppose to do. They no longer have to be placed underneath the counter or covered by a flower cover anymore either. Toasters are part of today's modern decor. If you like counter with nothing on them, then just place the appliance underneath the counter until needed.

Earlier toasters either had dials or push down buttons to control the settings. Not anymore, toasters and ovens of today now have digital pads and some even have remote controls. Some digital pads even come in larger print just in case your having a little seeing problem early in the morning. The easier and more convenient they are, the more people run out and buy them.

Have a specific decor and worried that your new item will not fit in. Worry no more, both items come in all different styles, shapes, and colors you will not believe. Pastels, vibrant colors, black & white, the options are endless. You will have no problem shopping for a toaster or toaster oven to fit your kitchen decor. If by any chance you do not want it on your counter, then just cover it and put it inside a cabinet.

Retail and house wares stores in your area should carry basic brand as well as name brand toasters for less than $30. Ovens can be found either at larger retail stores or online house ware or kitchen appliance outlets. Toaster ovens are a little more pricier usually from $100 -$300. It is well worth the money to invest in either items. Better yet, just buy both and be happy.

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