Wolfgang Puck Cookware Offers A Professional Touch

If there were a list of the Top 10 best known chefs in all the world, Wolfgang Puck's name most likely would be on it. Famous for his cooking tips and products, the Puck name is fast becoming a household legend. When it comes to cooking implements, Wolfgang Puck cookware is also gaining quite a name for itself.

Falling in the moderately priced cost range, Wolfgang Puck cookware carries the master chef's endorsement for a number of reasons. Designed to be solid, durable, beautiful, effective and even affordable, this stainless brand does come with come special instructions for use can care, depending on the actual product in question.

Many pieces of Wolfgang Puck cookware are covered with a special non-stick coating called Excalibur. Unlike other non-stick coatings, this unusual design offers for a little more versatility in cooking. These products can be used with metal utensils, unlike many other non-stick designs. While it is not a good idea to actually cut on their surface, metal spatulas and spoons typically cause them no harm.

Pieces of true Wolfgang Puck cookware in the stainless category also come with some special instructions. These pots and pans are designed with an aluminum layer in the mix to increase optimum heat conductivity. The aluminum combined with the stainless makes it very easy to distribute heat evenly and quickly. The design, however, does come with a warning: It is almost never wise to cook on high heat using this design. The end result might be an overly charred meal.

Other things to consider when using Wolfgang Puck cookware include:

* Cleaning. Most of these products are completely dishwasher safe. Still, the company that creates them recommends hand washing with warm water, soap and a sponge or nylon pad to preserve beauty. Stains can be removed using a vinegar solution. On some pieces of this cookware, mild abrasives can also be used. Don't forget to clean the pans out well before the first use.

* Flame watch. The sides of the pans can be damaged when gas stove flames go up too high. Avoid letting the flames get out of control to preserve the beauty of these pots and pans. Flames can alter the outside appearance of many of these cookware items permanently.

* Frying instructions. Even with the non-stick surfaces, it's still a good idea to properly heat and oil the pans before food is added into the mix. This goes with Wolfgang Puck cookware and most other brands, as well. Do not heat the pans, however, unless they have been properly oiled or greased.

As Wolfgang Puck has become a household name, it should come as no surprise to many that his cookware products and other cooking accessories can be found in a number of locations. From online retailers to television network presentations, this cookware is readily available and moderately priced.

An internationally recognized cooking sensation, Wolfgang Puck has managed to create quite a following for himself. From Wolfgang Puck products in grocery stores to Wolfgang Puck cookware, the man and his products are fast becoming popular the world over.

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