5 Smart Ways to Cook Healthily, Greenly and Eco-friendly

1.Keep your refrigerator 70% full

Do you have the problems with unfinished and outdated food on your refrigerator and you have to throw away? Be careful, you are ruining our earth. According the statistics of environmental protection association, one third of our food doesn't be eaten by human beings, but be discarded. These wasted food will become trash buries and aerify to increase global warming. So, it is important to keep your refrigerator not fully loaded and you should finish the food before it is outdated.

2.Eat fresh salad

Eat salad not only good for your body, but good for our environment. Salad have vitamin C and other nutrition that will be gone if you cook. Also, eating salad can save gas and energy. But some food you need to cook before you eat such as spinach, or amaranth since they contains the massive oxalic acid.

3.Cook food together if you can

If you need to use oven, you can put your food together at one time. This allows you to use one-time energy. If you need to cook vegetable or meats, you can boil water in a pot first. Then you can cook vegetable, then seafood or meats without throwing away the water. Make sure your put the lid to shorten the cooking time and save energy.

4.Steam your food

The smart way to cook your food is using steam. For example, if you stew vegetable or meant, some nutrition might be gone. To keep the nutrition in the food, you can use steam and the food is quicker to get cooked. It is a good way to save both water and gas.

5.Heats up with the natural solar energy

The summer day is a good source of free energy. If you don't have any solar device, don't worry, you can still save the energy. For example, you can pour un-boiled water in the metal pot, and puts it on the place with direct sunshine with several hours. It will increase temperature and reduce the time of boiling water. Of course, you also do a great job on saving energy.

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