All Cooked Up And No Where To Go

Many want-to-be chefs and cooks have kitchen cabinets full of unused cookware. They get inspired by infomercials on TV and the Cooking Network and all of a sudden they ?must have? that wok, that 3-way spatula or that indoor grill. In TV land, they make cooking look so easy. But when the cookware arrives at their home the inspiration slowly begins to dwindle. They may make a couple of meals from their new cookware. Two weeks pass, the four and the new steak-burger maker goes in a cabinet next to the pressure cooker and the gourmet spinach press. A person with cabinets full of unused cookware is like a dating couple who are all dressed up but no where to go.

So, what does a person do who has a kitchen full of unused cookware? You can have a huge yard sale and use the proceeds to purchase more cookware or you can select a few items and give away the cookware that you will not be using. With the cookware that you do keep, think of creative ways to use it.

You can surf the internet for delicious meals that you can create for family and friends. Try to use your cookware at least every other month to prepare special meals. You may also form a cook group and invite a few people to your home and you can trade recipes, cooking advice and you can trade cookware. This will ultimately force you to use the cookware that you invested in.

If your cooking skills are limited, take a few cooking classes and learn how to prepare edible meals. If you don?t have time to attend classes, you can order cooking DVDs and watch and learn. You may also subscribe to a cooking magazine or purchase a recipe book at bookstore or order on the internet.

When you finally acquire the needed skills to prepare delicious and mouthwatering meals, invite a few friends or family members over to test out your skills. Your friends and family will give you feed back on the various dishes that you prepare.

Once or twice a year, throw a party or invite a few guests to your home and prepare a meal. This will allow you to use your cookware. Remember, don?t over do it with cooking too much food. Make sure that you allow adequate time to plan what you are going to make and allow enough time to make it.

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