Basic Cooking Techniques Could Reduce Weight Gain

Simple Cooking Substitutions Could Reduce Weight Gain

Low fat cooking is fast becoming the catch phrase of the 21st century. Recent studies done in the dietary industry may help anyone trying to lose weight. Using food substitutes is one easy solution that allows food to be prepared with fewer calories from fat. Learning how to implement these fundamental basic cooking tips, ideas and practices could save your life.

Learn These Basic Cooking Tips and Cut Your Fat Intake

A few simple substitutions reduce fat calories in baked goods. Do not sacrifice taste make the foods your family loves. A great way to make these foods without sacrificing the quality of the recipe is by following these low fat, basic cooking tips.

Use applesauce as a substitute in recipes that call for butter or oil. This is a very simple cooking technique. Match the measurement exactly, for example ¼ cup butter to ¼ applesauce. Using this substitution will not affect the recipe and will much less fat in the final product.

Banana bread is a great candidate for this basic cooking substitution. If your banana bread calls for ½ cup of oil, substitute ½ cup of applesauce. You have eliminated approximately 950 calories or more than 100 grams from this recipe. You can still make that favorite bread with some basic substitutions. The banana bread with the applesauce substituted for oil is amazingly moist, flavorful and, with all those fat calories gone, healthy. Feel free to make the banana bread, your family will enjoy it and you will have the personal satisfaction that they are not eating an unhealthy snack.

Start With One Recipe At A Time

Another basic cooking tip involves evaporated fat free milk. Like the applesauce it is a one to one substitution. In other words ½ cup of evaporated fat free milk can be substituted for ½ cup of heavy cream. This is both a calorie saver, and heart healthy substitution, saving your family from eating too many unhealthy calories. Using these basic cooking techniques allows you to prepare the foods your family loves.

Learning Basic Cooking Tips For Low-Fat Substitutions Could Save Your Life

Researching low-fat cooking substitutes in daily cooking recipes can make a huge difference in the fat intake consumed by you and your family. Most Americans gain an average of ten pounds per year and the obesity rate in the United States keeps climbing yearly according to research. Remove yourself and your families from the weight gain issues that are plaguing the United States today. By eliminating high-risk foods and retraining and rethinking the way you cook, the difference will be noticeable. Take the time to learn a few low-fat basic cooking tips. Start on the path to improved health and vitality.

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