Baskin-robbins Executive Chefs Expert Lick Tips

Every day, ice cream lovers are affected by the loss of their favorite ice cream when it tumbles from their cone to the ground. Many more lose out on precious and delicious ice cream moments due to messy and "melty" eating situations. When you're enjoying your own cone, the speed of the ice cream licking is important, but technique is critical. Stan Frankenthaler, executive chef for Baskin-Robbins, provides some tips on how to properly and effectively eat an ice cream cone:

1 To start, the ice cream should be well-positioned on the cone

2 Licking is preferred to biting the ice cream because biting could take the scoop off balance and cause toppling

3 Keep licking the cone to maintain the shape of the scoop, so as you lick, the scoop is the same shape as it started only smaller and smaller

4 If you bite the ice cream, then you should lick it right after in order to get it back to the original scoop shape

5 Make sure to evenly lick all sides

6 When the ice cream is level to the cone, begin to eat the cone by biting the cone down evenly. Turn the cone in a circular motion and bite until it gets to a size where you can pop the last yummy bite of ice cream and cone in to your mouth

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