Blackened Seasoning Recipe - Get The Most Flavor Out Of Foods

Persons that have tasted blackened seasoning said that it is a great way of making the food spicy and delicious in spite of whether or not you are on a diet. Furthermore, it is considered to be quite a healthy mix of spices and herbs and it appears that New York restaurants have began using it to prepare poultry, meat and fish in turn of satisfying customers and reach the standards of crusty delicious meat dishes.

Blackened seasoning gets its name from the main ingredient, chili powder or paprika which darkens the color of the seasoning when it is being cooked. It can be prepared at your home or it can be bought from the stores but in some places it is hard to get this herb and spices mix in the grocery stores so people rather mix their own blend at their house.

A lot of people are having a hard time finding the right seasoning that they are searching for. The idea is that buyers should know that the name blackened seasoning doesn’t mean the seasoning itself is black, like the color of the pepper for example. Fresh blackened seasonings have a more like reddish color. Some people have stored their blackened seasoning for quite a while and possibly not done in proper environment, this is why the seasoning becomes grayish in color.

If you would like to make your own blackened seasoning for meat dishes, here is a recipe that is easy to follow. Combine: -
Two teaspoons of onion and two teaspoons of garlic powder
Four teaspoons of thyme
Two teaspoons of paprika
Two teaspoons of black pepper and two teaspoons of salt
One tablespoon of sugar
One teaspoon of cayenne pepper (optional)

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