Cant Cook Wont Cook! - Learn 10 Very Easy Simple Steps

Cooking Convenient Meals

You are probably looking for easy, quick and cheap ways to feed your family. Everyone is running in a different million directions these days but hopefully these suggestions will make it easier for you when it comes to preparing meals.

1. Consider cooking all of your meals for the week at once. This may take up a few hours but when you come home every night and will have a meal ready to eat in a very short amount of time you will be happy that you did this. If you make a roast use it for a main meal and then some of it for sandwiches, stir-fry and even beef stroganoff. If you cook several pounds of hamburger and put together a casserole then you will also have some left over for taco meat and chili that can be put in the freezer for later in the week.

2. Prepare all of the fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home from the store. All you have to do when it is time for a meal is cook them or throw them into a salad or some soup.

3. Watch different cooking shows on TV to get some great ideas. Many of these shows can show you how to make great, healthy meals in very little time.

4. Have your family members choose some of their family meals and put those recipes in a file for that month. This process will help you create a revolving recipe file. Don’t get stuck making the same meals over and over again. This way you can flip through your monthly file and there will be a new recipe for you to try.

5. Ask the members of your family to help you. Split up the cooking chores with your children as soon as they are old enough. Have everyone take turns making an entire meal. Plan these meals around the fruits and vegetables that have already been prepared to help you save even more time.

6. Invite your friends and neighbors to help with the cooking responsibilities. Prepare several of the same dishes and then trade them among your friends to end up with a week of great evening meals.

7. Take some time to go through the Sunday paper and cut out coupons for everyday items you use at the grocery store. You can find entire meals that are fresh or frozen. With a coupon you can cut down on the cost significantly and these meals are great to have in supply when you have little time and things are hectic.

8. It is perfectly find to eat out occasionally. Keep an eye out for coupons in your local paper for your favorite restaurants and have family members watch for restaurants with special prices for children. You can even find some health food choices at a few of the fast food places.

9. Finding a business that prepares an evening meal for you can be convenient and easy. You might think they are expensive but when you consider the time you will be able to save preparing a meal yourself you might decide it is worth it. You can choose from lots of different choices and these services often offer special need diets.

10. Take several of the ideas mentioned and create the plan that will work best for you and your family.

With very little planning you can cook meals that are fast and easy without spending hours in the kitchen on a daily basis.

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