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I always had an internal desire of being a 10 star chef. The realities of the chef workplace made it not worth my effort. If you have ever worked in a kitchen, you know what it is to be underpaid and overworked. Every week is a never ending process and although you are trained to make some of the best dishes in the world, you spend most of your time cooking well done hamburgers for near to above minimum wage. I instead decided to become a good chef for my mother and a successful professional for myself. As the years went by I have regretted not having more opportunities to fully explore the food world. That is how I first discovered going away for a cooking holiday.

On one Sunday afternoon, I happened to be reading a culinary arts magazine, thinking about creative recipes I could try out on my kids. New Years Eve was coming up, and I was looking for a barnd new "New Years Eve" holiday recipe. That is when I saw the light bulb: an ad for cooking Tours in England. I never heard of a cooking tour before and I immediately wrote to the company to request more information. What I found out surprised me and made me so very happy. English cooking vacations are the perfect getaway for people who are somewhat like me.

A cooking holiday combines aspects of a workshop with some beautiful sightseeing adventures. There are so many different kinds of holiday cooking, but essentially they all involve a beautiful, scenic destination known for its cuisine. Once you are there, you get to combine sightseeing with cooking classes from some of the world's most renowned chefs - people who specialize in the cuisine of that particular area. In between the cooking classes, you get to go the local food courts and explore the native produce, as well as explore one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. I had never been to France before and I was so happy to try it out.

The gourmet cooking holidays were very expensive, but I had put away a lot of money for a rainy day and I was convinced that it would be worth the trip. Although my family was disappointed to see me go, they knew that I needed a vacation to myself. They were also thrilled in some ways that I was leaving. You see, they knew that when I came back from the gourmet cooking holidays, I would have all-new recipes to cook for them. That was worth not seeing me for a few long weeks!

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