Cooking Light: 3 Simple Ways To Start

Cooking light is all about healthier cooking. Cooking light need not mean bland and tasteless food. It can simply mean taking an existing favorite recipe and substituting some ingredients for their lighter alternatives.

Thankfully, many staples are now easily available in low fat versions. From reduced fat Oreo cookies and cheddar cheese to milk and bread, you really do have many cooking light choices in several food groups. You can make your kids' favorite mac n cheese and use skim milk instead of whole Vitamin D milk and use vegetable spread which has no trans fat as opposed to regular butter and you have already saved you and your family a lot of calories.

Lowering your calorie intake is important for a healthier life therefore you should concentrate on low fat dressings in sandwiches, for example, and tinned foods in water rather than oil. Fat free ranch is good for dips and low fat mayonnaise is a better alternative for sandwiches.

If you eat a lot of refined white bread then you will not be getting the fiber you need and your fat intake will be high. When choosing bread go for the oat-based alternative or the 100% whole grain variety. Just because bread is brown does not mean it is healthier for you. By taking a true whole grain alternative your body will get an increased intake of fiber and lower amounts of fat.

Change the oil you cook with. Olive oil is expensive but is ideal. Try using smaller amounts, you will often find your food tastes better. If you cannot afford olive oil, canola is a good alternative which won't burn a hole in your pocket.

If you are into baking, try using Splenda, a no calorie sweetener instead of sugar and try unsweetened apple sauce instead of vegetable oil. Line your baking pans with no fat cooking spray instead of butter and use semi sweet or preferably dark chocolate.

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