Creativity: The Key Ingredient for a Great Chef

The Japanese chefs and the dishes that they prepare have always been hailed as one of the most inventive and most succulent among other cuisine as the chefs ensure that a customer would completely enjoy the culinary experience as this is a feast not only for the stomach but for the eyes as well. Notice that when you come to a Japanese restaurant, their dishes are arranged in an attractive manner however simple the ingredients are.

For instance, the California maki, a type of sushi, which is made up of cucumber, mango, artificial crab stick, avocado, Japanese mayo wrapped in nori, Japanese seaweed, and flecked with raw fish eggs is one of the most popular dishes served here. Even those who may be a bit apprehensive about raw fish eggs could never resist its palatable appearance. Another exceptional dish that the Japanese have bestowed to the world is the sukiyaki that is truly suitable for cold weather conditions. It is generally made up of sliced beef, vegetables like carrots and leeks, water, sugar, soy sauce and, of course, vermicelli. Anybody would be delighted to try this dish as it is very filling and delicious.

Other than the Japanese chefs, the French chefs are also considered as masters of cooking as they are able to convert bare ingredients into wonderful concoctions. Take the foie gras for instance. It is basically duck or goose liver, which, at first, you may feel apprehensive about. But if this is prepared right, as the French chef does, it can taste rich, buttery and delicate. Another dish that the French are famous for is the fillet mignon, which is primarily beef tenderloin that is wrapped in bacon and pan fried, broiled, grilled or roasted. This, if cooked right as French chefs do, is a superb dish as the bacon complements the sealed in beefy flavor well.

As shown in the above examples, one of the key qualities of a great chef is creativity. If this is applied and practiced well, you can be sure that many customers would patronize your restaurant. Being creative means you get the freshest ingredients, combine them in a way that each one highlights and balances the taste of the other and present the finished product that would brighten it. Thus, it would render, as mentioned earlier, a true feast for the eyes.

Creativity does not only pertain to creating exceptional dishes but it also entails superb management of your staff. In order for you to have a great staff, you must find ways that would motivate each and everyone. So, that each one puts forth their best in whatever duty they are given. And you should take into consideration the individual strengths and weaknesses of your staff and put them in a way that would make them do what they can do best in the kitchen. And if you are able to do so, then, you can be sure that your restaurant would definitely be a hit with your patrons from day to day.

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