Deep Fat Frying Guide - The T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean

It used to be that when people wanted deep fried food, they would either have to go to restaurant that served it, or do it at home with a pot and a lot of oil. Deep frying at home the old fashioned way - using a regular pot, filling it with oil, heating up the oil and dropping in the food - was messy, and a little bit dangerous. You couldn't regulate the temperature of the oil as well as you wanted, which meant the food might not turn out the way you liked. Filtering the used oil, if you even wanted to go to the trouble of doing it, was a big pain, and you ran the risk of getting burned by spattering oil. Then, along came the electric deep fryers for home use. Suddenly deep frying became much easier, but there were still a few things about home deep fryers that made them less than perfect. They weren't always very easy to clean, and filtering the used oil could still be a tedious job. The T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer has gone a long way in making home deep-frying easier and better than ever. Addressing such problems as cleaning, oil temperature regulation, oil filtering, and lingering food odors, T-Fal made this deep fryer to be so user-friendly that it became an instant hit as soon as it came out on the market. With the Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer, T-Fal solved the problem of cleaning by making most of the parts of the fryer dishwasher-safe. Although the base and electric cord can't be cleaned in a dishwasher of course, every other part of the deep fryer can be, and this goes a long way in solving the problem of de-greasing the parts as well as saving people a lot of cleaning time. Oil temperature regulation is greatly improved with the Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer. In reviews, consumers reported that after you remove cooked food you can add more almost instantly - that's how fast the fryer heats the oil back up to the correct temperature. As far as oil filtering, this is one of the things that consumers are most excited about. The Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer has automatic oil drainage and filtering - nothing could be easier. It also includes a charcoal filtering system to cut down on food odors, an electric timer, and T-Fal also offers oil storage containers for an extra charge. Another new feature that consumers are raving about is the fact that with the Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer you can lower the food into the fryer while the lid is on, cutting down drastically on dangerous oil spatters. All in all, T-Fal has really gone all-out with the Ultimate EZ Clean deep fryer, and it was a good move on their part - people are loving it!

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