Difficulty Of Cooking On An Open Fire

For many people there is just nothing that compares to going camping. Not camping in a recreational vehicle, but tent camping where you go into a real wilderness area and use your wits to survive and hunt and fish. Today even serious campers have the good sense to take a certain amount of supplies because let us face the fact that most people do not wish to rough it to that extreme. Serious campers do enjoy living as much in a rustic way as much as they can stand to.

One thing that is usually required when people go camping is learning how to cook on an open fire. It might sound easy, but do not be so sure. When you have spent all afternoon catching the fish for your dinner, unless you want char broiled fillets, you need to know how to go about it. Some people will actually hunt some types of game like birds or rabbit to eat eat as well when they camp and it is no easy trick to cook these things over a fire either.

The possibility of burning your food is a real risk so you need to know what utensils you need for campfire cooking or how to cook without manmade utensil. You can use the old stick over the fire method, but bringing along a small grill rack and a pan or two makes much more sense. You will likely stand a much better chance of eating food that is not encrusted with ashes and grit when you let it fall into the fire on accident.

You really do not need a large fire to cook your food. Remember how large the flame is on a gas range top at home and you will have a good idea of how much flame you need. Also remember too that the coals of a fire can be really hot without any flame. If you want to cook an ear of corn or a potato, bring along some heavy aluminum foil to wrap these items in and just place them in the hot coals and turn them occasionally. After about thirty minutes, depending on how big the corn or potatoes are, they should be pretty done. Check them just like you would in the stove at home. It is better to take them out too early and put them back in than it is to leave them in too long and burn them up.

When you use a grill, do not place it too close to the fire. This will keep you from burning up you're your pan and whatever you are cooking in it. Simply add a few twigs here and there to keep the flame constant but not blazing. Cooking over an open fire definitely requires a little practice, so do not be too disappointed if you do not do such a great job the first time you try it.

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