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Cooking and everything food is fantastically popular at the moment. Even going back 10 to 15 years ago when men were being described as "new age men" only a very small proportion of the male population showed any real interest towards cooking a meal for their partner let alone holding a dinner party for friends and family. So what has created this change in the male population and why is cookery the new must have skill for the creative man about the house?

For long period of what is termed as modern society is was common place for the men of the home to do no cooking at all, indeed for many tears it was a standing joke that many married men could not boil an egg, they did not need to know how to as they had a wife to do it for them. As well as this the son's of the house always had their cooking done by their mother and then they would leave home to be looked after by their wife. So in reality it is not that surprising why men did not feel the urge to cook and provide for themselves.

All this very slowly started to change a few years ago when more and more male celebrity television chefs appearing on our screens and raising the popularity of cooking as a pastime. Male celebrity chefs have been on our television screens for many years but the new generation are more like the man the street and are people who the average guy can relate to, this was a big factor in popularizing cookery for men. Cookery has become a topic of conversation for men in bars, bragging about how wonderful their sausages are or who bakes the best bread, it really has become that acceptable for men to cook. At last the male cookery talent has moved on simply from the barbecue, although even that can be a great source of conversation for many men. Men nowadays love to show off their knowledge of fungi, salami, exotic vegetables and weird and wonderful seafood,

One thing that has helped endear men to cookery is the amount of gadgets that there are available for the kitchen and everyone knows how much men love gadgets. Everything from designer food processors and blenders to sausage making machines have been given an overhaul in an attempt to make them more sexy, even things such as kitchen cutlery have been given a more masculine look to cater for the male market.

It really is a boom time for cookery with more money being spent on kitchens and kitchen related items and more time being spent in the kitchen by the whole family, both eating and entertaining. Cookery books and food gifts are also big business, with the growth of the Internet it is now possible to purchase more and more exotic food gifts for people, things that you would not expect to find in your local shops, which all helps to keep the interest in cookery growing.

In the past when people visited a local restaurant for a fine meal they would come away thinking what a great meal they had eaten, now people come away wondering how the meal was made and whether they could replicate the same dish at home successfully. This is where the explosion in celebrity chef cookery books has come in, not only can you obtain the recipe for a meal cooked by a famous chef but you can now cook it in the same style.
So the future looks good for the cookery world with more and more people developing skills in the kitchen the whole thing can snowball and create a generation of master chefs, in theory.

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