Food Is A Need, But Good Cooked Food Is A Want!

The other day, I went to the famous restaurant that had opened recently in my locality. I sat opposite to the couple who were in their mid 40’s. The waiter came & I placed my order. As is the human nature, after placing my order, I started peeking at other tables around me. Just then, my eyes caught this waiter, who had in his hand a large serving dish filled with small & medium sized dishes. There was something in the fragrance & fumes that were coming out that my eyes got fixed onto it. As the waiter came nearer, I realized that the dishes landed one by one on the table directly opposite to me.

Without even waiting for a second, the couple started to gorge at the food as if they had never eaten before. I thought "how indecent", but then the fragrance was so tempting that I had to peek onto their table & to my surprise I saw that all the preparations were without any exception, baked. Such was my state of amazement that I ordered one item from the list of baked preparations for myself. To my delight, after the first spoon that went into my mouth, there was no stopping it. I was also gorging at the dish just as the couple opposite to me was doing. Thus started my quest to find out more about what we call as baked food.

In non-technical terms, baking is a technique to cook food in an oven or microwave. However, there is much to this definition. The modus operandi of cooking baked food is to apply dry heat evenly throughout the vessel containing the mixture of uncooked food. The important aspect here is that for properly baking the food you need to apply the heat from all sides including the bottom, this is the primary reason that oven is provided with two heating elements; One at the bottom & the other at the top or sides to give all round heating.

Whenever baking or bakery comes to your mind, it flashes to breads, cakes, pies, desserts, tarts & the list is endless until your mouth starts watering & you order any one of the above. The physics in dry heating is that when you dry heat, you are actually changing the structure of starch that is present in the food in such a manner that it presents itself as the brown cover that the food shows. What happens in the baking process is that the moisture present in the uncooked food is sealed inside thus providing that aroma & taste to your buds.

The most common baked preparation is bread, Variations in type of ovens, the ingredients, and recipes used in baking of a bread results in the wide variety of breads produced around the world. It is the nature of people & environment that decides the type of food that is cooked or liked but the most common baked food items that are made all over the world include baked vegetables & cakes.

So next time, you want to try something different at a restaurant or you get into the mood of cooking at home, try Baked food.

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