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If you get on the Internet and search cooking magazines, you will receive a thousand hits, at least. So many cooking magazines, so many that focus just on cooking and then those that focus on cooking but decorating for the cooking and throwing a party.

How do you know which magazine do you want or not. I've touched this subject briefly before but now I'm going to really dig deep into these magazines. I'll uncover the best place to order the magazine with the best price; I'll find out which magazine offers what and how often you receive a copy, six times a year or 12 times a year. Let's get digging. Through the research I have conducted and being subscribed to several magazines myself.You get incredible savings and you can search to find the exact type of magazine you are looking for. You can also get gift cards for family members and friends. On this website you can get savings of up to 85% on some magazines. Cooking Light magazine offers 11 issues for $18.00, and that's with a 64% savings off the cover price. In this magazine you'll learn to cook better, feel better and look better. They offer recipes for health foods that actually taste great and offer ideas to make living healthy and getting fit enjoyable. If you are a vegetarian or someone in your family is or you may own you own restaurant than this magazine can be helpful. Vegetarian Times magazine, you get 9 issues for $12.00, that's a 73% discount. It offers recipes and smart living as a vegetarian. If you like to cook up new recipes from around the world Saveur is the magazine for you. It offers recipes and culture styles. It also offers caf's, three-star restaurants around the world with some of their famous dishes and some offer recipes. My advice to any aspiring chef, a mother who cooks or if you in general just like to cook and want magazines delivered to you mailbox monthly than go to magazines com to find over 50 magazines for cooking and food and wines. They always offer discounts and the latest new magazines. Also if you are a business owner of a caf, restaurant, or franchise they offer a selection of free magazines. What could get better than that?

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