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Cooking really is an art, it can take some time to get it right. I would like to share a few basic tips with you that have helped me to become a better cook.

1) If you are using a wok/pan and it becomes too dry, add a little stock instead of more oil. Too much oil can really overdo things and take away from the taste.

2) Add some salt to water and it will boil faster. Don't worry, just adding a pinch really shouldn't effect the taste of the food that is cooked.

3) Always cook over low, well-distributed heat. If you are concerned that your stove is uneven, get it checked out. You definitely want your dishes to be cooked the right way!

4) Beware cooking something in super hot oil. Cooking when the oil is extremely hot only cooks your food on the surface and not deep in.

5) Be careful! Cooking areas should be blocked off -- effectively -- if either might be present without responsible supervision. Especially if you have children, make sure your pot handles are turned inward so they cannot be knocked off. You can never be too careful.

6) Like all electrical appliances, failures (in the electrical wiring or the control mechanisms) can cause problems, including fires. Keep a close watch on this.
7) Don’t ever be afraid to experiment. If you don’t take chances, you will never know what you could have discovered. Cooking is not meant to always be done by the rules. Even something as small as a pinch of spice can vastly change the taste of your food. Have fun!

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