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How would like to have gourmet chefs in your kitchen? At Gourmandia.com you can! Gourmandia.com is your resource for the gourmet life style. From dishes, to the worlds restaurants, to little things like napkin folding that add an extra flare to your food, gourmandia.com is where the world gourmands go to get advice, share recipes, and network with other like-minded people.
One of the best features on the site is the cooking videos featuring a top chef. Everyday a new video of the world’s best and most prestigious chef’s cooking in their kitchens gets posted. Much like a cooking show these videos go through an entire recipe. The only difference is that you can stop, pause, replay, and repeat the whole video again so you can enjoy these delightful and gourmet foods over and over with the guidance of the world’s best chefs! The site also backs you up with all the written instructions and the complete ingredients list that you need for you reference. You can print and give it to a friend, keep it in your recipe book and more!
On a wider note, a variety of dishes with a wide variety of ingredients is available for you to pause, replay and cook right along with so you too can make the best dishes in your very kitchen! The gourmet lifestyle
Some of the traditional, exotic, and gourmet dishes, made for you on video that we have on gourmandia.com right now are:

Farfalle with Gambas and zucchinis
Sabayon with muscatel from the Piedmont region
Rhubarb bonbons with anise parfait
Zeeland Lobster Salad
Char fillet with mushrooms and parsley oil
Guinea fowl supreme with endives and hypocras sauce
Zeeland oysters a la rose
Eggs with Fresh Mushroom
Smoked royal salmon fillet medallions

Even more videos are easily available here: http://www.gourmandia.com/

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