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America is increasingly saying "welcome" to products, people and ideas from Japan. From automobiles to sudoku puzzles (although they originated in the U.S., sudoku were named and popularized in Japan) to baseball players, more and more aspects of Eastern culture are finding their way west.

Another example is kitchen knives. While Americans have long seen Japanese cuisine as a healthful dietary option, chefs are finally experiencing the "edge" that Japanese cutlery can provide.

For instance, the Santoku is a hollow-edge knife with a broad blade and an especially sharp cutting edge. Known as the "all-rounder" of the Asian kitchen, it can be used threefold for preparing meat, fish and vegetables. And the hollow edge makes it well suited for extra-thin cutting.

The Kudamono paring knife is a small, lightweight, versatile knife with a slim blade with center tip and?hollow cutting edge. It peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables.

The Kudamono is a 3-inch paring knife, while the Santoku is available in both 5-inch and 7-inch models. Both have a laser-controlled edge that stays sharper longer and maintains a more consistent blade angle.

These knives are available in all J.A. Henckels forged Knife Series, which includes Twin Four Star II (new molded handle with metal cap), Professional S (full tang three-rivet handle), Twin Cuisine (ergonomic molded handle with full tang) and of course the original Four Star. They feature one-piece forged construction, exclusive metal steel formula blades and a laser-controlled edge that stays sharper longer and maintains a more consistent blade angle. They are also Friodur ice hardened for maximum no-stain properties, more blade strength and improved resistance to corrosion and pitting.

In addition, the knives can be purchased separately or in the two-piece Deluxe Asian Set, which features the 3-inch Kudamono and a 7-inch Santoku.

J.A. Henckels knives are available in department stores and fine specialty stores across the country. All series feature a full selection of open stock knives and assorted gift sets and block sets to meet every need and budget.

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