Slow Cooking In A Hectic World

ock-Pot Cooking Magic

Who of us haven't rushed around during the day trying to multitask and eat at the same time? Well, one look at our bellies and thighs shows the effect. It's time to slow down a bit, particularly when it comes to cooking.

The ultimate dream for a marketing professional is to have their brand be so popular that it is used as a name instead of the general term. This has happened with slow cooking, which is often just called Crock-pot cooking.

While Crock-Pot might be the common name used for slow cookers, it wasn't the first. The Beanery Slow Cooker was. Never heard of it? There is a reason. Rival Company purchased the maker of the Beanery Slow Cooker and changed the name to the Crock-Pot.

Whatever you call it, slow cooking is all about letting ingredients express themselves. The cooking method can be described as low and slow. Cooking times from six to 12 hours are common.

Slow cooking is all about heat distribution. Flash burning you food is not the idea. Instead, a slow simmer is the way to go. Food is heated from the bottom and sides to maximize the effect and flavor.

We all rush around and, oddly, slow cooking can still fit in our schedule. 8 to 10 hour cooking periods fit into our day nicely. Throw in ingredients before going to work and you have dinner ready when you get home.

Are Crock-Pots safe? Yep. They cook with low heat that is encased, so the potential for fires and such is remote. They also use very little power, so they will not crank up your utility bill if you use them over and over.

It goes without saying that slow cookers are a great way to make soups and stews, but they are much more versatile. You can find recipes all over the web for just about everything including bread!

In this fast paced world, the idea of doing anything slow almost sounds alien. Cooking need not fall in this category. By a slow cooker, throw in some ingredients and enjoy a tasty meal when you get home.

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