Some Advice on Using the Amazing Crockpot

Modern life is all about multitasking as many things as possible and cooking seems to have gone the same way. Slow cooking with crockpots, however, is still a niche of the culinary world worth pursuing for the business individual and family.

Flip this, saute that. Regular cooking can be as hectic as life seems to be these days. As the name suggests, slow cooking is just the opposite. The beauty of the crockpot is you just add the ingredients and let it stew for hours until done.

How simple is the crockpot when it comes to cooking? Well, most meal preparations involve a certain amount of stirring at certain points of the process. With the crockpot, this is not only unnecessary, it is frowned on.

Despite the complete simplicity of slow cooking, people can't help but get fidgity. You should never take the top off a crockpot because the loss of heat extends the cooking time and can impact the meal. That being said, people do it all the time.

Another aspect of the crockpot has historically made it a popular mechanism with college students and single people. What is it? The preparation usually can be tuned to produce enough quantity of food to last for days or even a week.

The simplicity of slow cooking is great, but there are some additions you can make that can really ensure better results. Even one or two of these can make a major difference, so let's get to them.

Ground meat does not brown in a crockpot. The heat simply does not grow to a sufficient point to turn the trick. To get around this problem, brown your meat in a skillet before putting it in.

Not all foods should sit in the crockpot for the hours involved in the cooking proces. Rice and pasta simply don't do well, so you should wait until 30 minutes are left in the cooking session before adding them.

Another helpful hint has to do with the placement of ingredients in the pot. Vegetables should always go on the bottom and meat near the top. The longer it takes to cooks something, the closer to the bottom it should be.

Slow cooking with a crockpot is often looked upon snidely by culinary gurus, but they are making a mistake. For people that don't have the tons of time to cook a gourmet meal, it is the ultimate answer.

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