The Best Thing About The Crock Pot

The best thing about the Crock Pot is? …… the taste? the ease? the long cooking? the …..

The Aroma.

The best thing about a Crock Pot is the aroma. That tantalising smell that meets you at the kitchen door.

Having come home from a hard day at work, it is like heaven, to walk in on that smell.

Thousands of years ago, physicians of Traditional Chinese, India, Persia and Egypt Medicine all recognized the therapeutic effects of aromas.

And recent research has confirmed these ideas on aroma. Now known as aromatherapy, it is being used as a natural method of enhancing the balance and performance of the mind and body.

Research has shown that the right aroma can have a remarkable effect on your mental function and emotions.

And for me the "right aroma" is dinner in the crock pot.

Did you know it takes about 220 pounds of rose petals to make about 2 ounces of essential rose oil. Phew that is a lot of roses. Such a lot of effort for so little result.

Why go through the complicated process of extracting the oils from roots, bark, stalks, leaves and flowers?

When you can slow cook your dinner in a crock pot and achieve the same calming effect.

It does not seem to matter what is cooking in the slow cooker, it always smells delicious. Whether you are cooking a simple beef stew, a lavish roast or a sumptuous desert, it is bound to delight the senses.

The whole effect of not having to think about what is for dinner, or having to slave over the stove and that delightful scent puts even the worst of days behind you.

It provides that reviving, invigorating lift one needs everyday.

Plus there is not a lot that needs cleaning up afterwards – which is always a bonus.

So dig out your crock pot from the back of the cupboard. And discover it’s calming effect. (And have a great meal at the same time.)

Until our next Crock Pot Encounter
Enjoy Cooking!
Lisa "The Crock Cook"

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