The Making Of A Famous Chef !

Is it not a dream to be an expert chef when it comes to cooking even at home? It's more desirable when one can be so, by simply following the common methodologies of well known chefs. Cooking can be made much more hassle free and easier and one would yearn to be in the kitchen to win people's heart through ones stomach.

Scheduling the whole process of the items need to be cooked acts as a catalyst and can speed up the whole process.

Listing of the grocery, preparation (cutting, chopping, washing, grinding of various ingredients) that goes together in making of a particular menu is of utmost importance. Once this is done one can settle down with the actual cooking time.

During this one can make arrangements for the other items in the list. This saves time and optimizes the labor put in to make the delicious meal.

Cooking is like writing through an examination where time management counts a lot. Simply place the mixing bowl on a damp kitchen towel so that it saves from spilling over and messing around. It's always advisable to coat the pan with no sticking spray to avoid getting it stained with food and its also easier to clean the utensils once cooking is over.

A pair of gloves handy would keep hands clean and stain free saving time from washing them every now and then.
If you cook a pot roast, save all the leftover drippings for beef stew. Just add beef stock and boil it down.

To save time on cleanup, you can make a one-dish meal. Or use just one pan to do all boiling, sauteing, roasting. The same heat source can be used for several dishes. While grilling chicken, throw some mangoes or pineapples on afterward for dessert.

All this accounts to multi-tasking and practice makes one gain expertise in these golden rules of kitchen- never let a moment go by without doing something.

Mending a blunder while cooking, like adding a dash of vinegar to balance a dish that has got too sweetened, or putting a toothpick between pot and the lid to prevent it from boiling over, a coating of vegetable oil to make wholesome pasta, milk from boiling over and delicious just what it takes to be an expert in this field of cooking and you have earned a name in for your artistry.

Like the famous saying, "A stitch in time saves nine", these few useful cooking tips are used all over the world by all renowned chefs and has made hotel industry a great success.

Hence, undoubtedly it will bring much accolades and rewards in terms of money and time at home too where the heart lies.

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