The Many Ways To Cook With Water

When you cook with water you can use it in many ways like boiling it, mixing it in food, making a broth with it, and steaming vegetables with it. Water is use everyday for our food, it is a big key element that we have to use. If you don't use water you can't make a lot of things because it won't work and it can burn your food. Also if you don't use water it will taste wrong or it will be nasty and it just don't mix right, which it will fall apart before or after you cook it. When you bake cookies and cakes you have to use water so it can mix and make a batter so it can make these things and so you can eat them.

When you boil water you use it for noodles, chicken, rice, and other stuff, you have to watch how long you keep the noodles in the water because they can get soggy and mushy and it just won't look or taste right. The water may turn like a white color and they will fall apart which will look like soup, same thing as rise. If you boil chicken you can keep it in there for as long as you want and it will come out good and tasty, it will also fall apart when you they to get it out of the water and it will be so tinder that it will melt in your mouth, but you have to put seasoning in it

When you mix food, water is the first thing that you have to add and then comes the other stuff, if you don't put the water in it, it will not mix at all. It makes it smooth when you mix it and it will pour nicely in the pan that you need to cook it in and it will rise, but try not to burn it. Don't put too much water in it because than it will not come out right and it will not rise as good or at all.

To make both you have to put water and all kinds of vegetables in it to make it taste good and so it will have flavor, than you eat or take out the vegetables and than drink the both. Both helps you feel good and it makes your body warm too. It is also good in many foods, it puts taste into it and makes your meats tinder and juicy.

When you steam vegetables you have to put water on the bottom of the pan and then you put another pan or strainer in it and let it steam for a while to make it crunchy or soft and then you can eat it. The smell is great, too and the vegetables will look so good and colorful that it will make your meals look and taste delicious.

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