The World of Warcraft Cooking Guide

In the World of Warcraft, Cooking is a great skill to learn, and while it is not utterly needed, it could match well with many other professions, like fishing. Actually, you could earn substantial amounts of gold with cooking skills and you won't have to put so much effort, making it enjoyable for many players to try out. If you want to change the way you play, this skill is very much worth your time.

In the past, most people didn't even give this profession a second thought, but with Burning Crusade a lot more opportunities opened up that required this skill and more people are now giving it a try. You can actually make some things that other players really need, so this is a good way to get extra gold and have fun while you're doing it.

Starting Out

Once you decide that you want to give cooking a try, you'll need to have fire. This requires the items: Flint and Tinder as well as Simple Wood. These are of course, pretty easy to find, so you shouldn't need to work too hard to get them. Once you have these items, you'll need to open up your Spellbook. All players have the ability to make the Basic Campfire, so you won't need to worry about additional training at this point.

You'll also find your cookbook in your Spellbook. Go ahead and open it up to see which recipes you would like to try. Please keep in mind that your fire will only last for a few minutes. Since you do have to buy wood, it's a good idea to only start a fire when you are actually ready to start cooking. Click on the appropriate ingredients that are required for each recipe and you'll be cooking in no time at all.

You may also observe that the recipes need some other items in order for them to be completed. For example, look at this recipe for Crocolisk Steak. You will need to shop for one Crocolisk Meat and a set of Mild Spices. These are available from a vendor, or you could just go out to buy your own.

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you'll be ready to move forward. Items that you do not have can be purchased from a cooking trainer, so you may need to spend a little to make a little at first. However, once you advance and go through more quests, you'll have easy access to the items that you need for your recipes.


As you start out, expect that you won't have more of what you actually need in order to prepare advanced recipes. Here now is a fast approach of progressing in skill from level 1 to 375 easily. You have to begin in Ironforge. Here, you could buy one flour and a set of mild spices in order for you to prepare your first recipe of Spiced Bread. This recipe is very simple and would help you advance to 40. Once you've finished that part, you will need getting 30 mild spices and some more wood as well. Now, go to Auberdine to look for a Moonkin. You have to keep on killing it until getting around 20 eggs or even more. This task bolsters your skill level to 60.

After this, you can go down south to Ashenvale where you could find the Crawlers that drop clams. Get as many as you could and afterwards return to Ironforge. Cook up the eggs from the Moonkin and sell them. Next, you would need to look for a cooking trainer to learn more skills and eventually cook the clams you have found. At this point, your skill would have leveled up to to 130. Have with you the expert cookbook and you will surely be on your way to reaching 375.

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