Top Kitchen Gadgets To Make Cooking Easier

Kitchen gadgets increasingly play a significant role in the preparation of a meal, especially after a hard days work. With today’s advancing technology, more and more kitchen gadgets are being introduced to the market so we have decided to put together a list of our favorites. No doubt there will be serious disagreement to which maybe the most useful and we know we will have missed many off the list.

GARLIC PRESS/GARLIC MACHINES Garlic Machines: Garlic adds real flavor to a meal and is constantly used in a whole variety of dishes. However, it is fiddly so anything to help peel, crush and slice is undoubtedly a bonus. You avoid the messy task of peeling and chopping the garlic but get the desired result, with garlic ready to be added to the ingredients. Key products are the Garlic press and we especially like the Chef’n Garlic Machine Garlic Crusher.

FOOD THERMOMETERS: Being struck down by food poisoning is one of the worst things that can happen to you and this is where food thermometers come into their own. They measure the inner temperature of the cooked food; mainly meat, telling you whether the dish is ready to serve or requires more cooking. We particularly like the Bengt Ek range of food thermometers for their stylish looks

MANDOLINE: When there are so many vegetables and fruits to cut and slice, why not get a machine to do so it not only saves you time but also makes you look like a professional. Mandolins will enable you to slice and cut vegetables This kitchen tool helps in cutting the thin slices of fruits and vegetables. This kitchen tool enables the user to prepare a beautiful salad and additions to sandwiches. The Zyliss Mandolin is world renowned

ALLIGATOR CHOPPER: Whilst not as flexible as a Mandolin, the Alligator chopper is such a simple way to chop onions, vegetables or fruit without having any dangers of cutting your fingers. All you have to do is put the fruit or vegetable on the bottom of the chopper and press down – perfect every time.

KNIFE SHARPENERS: For those who use knives on a regular basis the most annoying thing is when they start to lose their sharp edge and become blunt. There are a number of sharpening tools out there but we particularly like the Ozitech Sharpening System and the Diamond abrasive knife sharpeners from Chef’s Choice which are easy and safe to use.

SLOTTED SPOON: We are constantly using a whole range of Kitchen Utensils and they are all very useful, especially both the Spatula and Turner. However, it is the Slotted Spoon which is our favorite, as it is so easy to use for taking any ingredient out of a boiling saucepan, especially vegetables and eggs.

SALAD SPINNER: Ever since I was a child I have just loved salad spinners. Such a simple idea and such a great way of getting your salad nice and dry. Viners do a good selection of salad spinners.

These kitchen gadgets are just a few to mention and I’m sure you will have your favorites, especially the more you cook!

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