Two Way Of The Most Advantages Of Crock-Pot Cooking

The two main advantages of crock-pot cooking are that they:

* Save Time
* Save Money


Crock-pot cooking for me is synonymous with time-saver. We each have different phases of life and this season is definitely my crock-pot phase -- maybe out of desperation. No matter what stage we're in though, crock-pot cooking can always be a benefit.

Here's a scenario: It's five o'clock and you've finally finished helping with the homework with two of your children, and then your third child returns from piano -- ready to start homework -- and has a question about algebra. Soccer practice starts in exactly one hour. And not to mention that you've got three loads of laundry spewed across your bed and ready to be folded. The phone rings -- a reminder to bring snacks to soccer practice, it's your turn. The kids are hungry; hubby will be home in thirty minutes. Do you make that call? For more details visit to Honey, could you bring home in & out again, the usual?" Or do you simply whip up a salad to go with your chicken cacciatore that's been cooking slowly and succulently in your crock-pot all day. This truly is my life and I'm working towards the latter scenario becoming a more prevalent one.

Perhaps you remember crock-pots back when you were a kid -- along with Barry Manila, mood rings, and banana seats -- all popular in the 1970's. Crock-pots are now making a comeback, and for Vegas supporters, so is Barry Manila. The essential ingredient here is not that we're all going retro but rather that life is busy and we're seeking time-management helps that work. Five o'clock can be the busiest, so preparing food the night before and putting it in containers overnight or chopping and dicing earlier in the day can be the most convenient and healthy solution.


This type of cooking saves money on many levels. As I mentioned earlier, if you're organized and have your pizza in a pot cooking all day -- you won't be tempted to call Dominos at five pm. Eating out does get expensive, especially for an entire family and if it becomes a habit. Cooking in the crock is a longer process than in the oven or on the grill and because of these meats is really tender, even with cheaper cuts of meat. Therefore it really has the potential of reducing our grocery bills.

In the summertime it's hot -- especially where I'm living in the desert -- so any excuse not to heat up the house is a good one. Energy bills are definitely affected. To know more logon to There are numerous crock-pot cookbooks out there with healthy and tasty family-friendly recipes. Incorporating crock pots back into our lives can be one of the first and simplest of many steps in achieving organization and balance in our lives.

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