Using Your Crock Pot to Make Your Best Roast

For busy cooks wanting to prepare a tasty and healthful meal, with minimal preparation time, a roast prepared in your crock pot with vegetables is hard to beat! After a few minutes preparation, you simply flip on your crock pot and about 12 hours later, you have a delicious meal. The best part is that this hearty meal cooks, without you having to tend to it, while you work or sleep.

Following are seven tips for preparing the perfect roast in your crock pot.

Tip One - choose a good quality cut (eye of round is my favorite, and rump roast is also good). A great thing about preparing roast in the crock pot is that you can use cheaper cuts and they will come out very tender due to the long cooking time. Whatever type of roast you choose, be sure to trim any excessive fat that is present on the sides or bottom of the roast.

Tip Two - many people like to brown their roast in a skillet before adding it to the crock pot. This adds flavor and enhances the appearance of the cooked product. To save time and add excellent flavor, use a product like Kitchen Bouquet, which you brush on the meat before cooking. It adds color and flavor at the same time.

Tip Three - buy a package of frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or whatever you prefer). You can add these to the crock at the very beginning, but it is a good idea to let them thaw before adding. If you use a frozen product such as "California Blend" that has many small pieces, it is best to thaw in warm water and add them in the last 3-4 hours of cooking. Otherwise, the smaller vegetable cuts tend to turn to mush. If adding potatoes, cut them into chunks and add at the beginning of cooking - potatoes need the full cooking time.

Tip Four - use about 3/4 cup of a beef broth. Pour this into the crock before beginning cooking. This adds flavor and helps make a hearty gravy that you can use with other dishes (such as mashed potatoes). Prepare the broth with a premium quality broth mix, or bouillon cube.

Tip Five - salt and pepper the roast, or use a seasoning blend. I use a Cajun pepper blend that includes salt, because I like the extra spiciness. Use whatever you like, but salt and pepper alone will give excellent results. Cook the roast for 10-12 hours on LOW. This allows a long, moist cooking time that will result in a tender, melt in your mouth roast.

Tip Six - avoid the temptation to lift the lid for a better look while the roast is cooking (unless you are adding thawed frozen vegetables as mentioned in tip three above.) Particularly when the crock pot is set on low, this allows a lot of heat to escape and can increase the cooking time.

Tip Seven - If you have any leftovers, chop them up the next day and add your favorite barbecue sauce. Heat through. This makes a delicious barbecue beef sandwich that will outshine any that you can buy!

Use these tips to make a mouthwatering roast dinner that is delicious, easy, and a sure hit every time!

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