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French cooking which is regarded universally as the
most refined and elegant styles of cooking across the
globe. French cooking can be really easy at times but
simple French cooking does not mean simple cooking. It
actually takes lots of hard work and effort to prepare
sumptuous French delicacies.

In fact it is the masterpieces of royal chefs and
cooks that have become a signature in French cooking.
Some of the greatest chefs of the world were masters
of art of cooking developed in the nation of France.
The diverse preparation of French cuisine emerging
from at least 26 regions of the country makes the
delicacies so remarkable in taste and flavour. The art
of French cooking has also influenced the European
cuisine to a great extent. The cookery schools that
impart training on the French cooking techniques also
makes use of the standards and the recipes of the
French cooking as the basics for other forms of
cooking especially that of western cuisine. The very
approach to food in that of French cooking is
reflective of the love for dining and appreciation of
fresh ingredients by the French people. Even their
ingenuity in the use of the easily available
ingredients depicts their love for food.

It is also noteworthy that each region in the nation
has a special dish which is prepared for each season
and occasion. The various seasons of the year
witnesses the preparation of an assortment of splendid
delicacies which are prepared using the ingredients
which are available in abundance. In the months of
summer various salads and other types of fresh fruits
are featured in the summer special delicacies. After
the end of the summer months mushrooms are available
in plenty and appears in mouth-watering stews. During
the hunting season which commences from the month of
September to February, however the venison rules the
dining table. In the spring season the French
delicacies also reflect their love for oysters. Hence
it can be concluded that the art of French cooking has
introduced gustatory delights to the table of the
commoners. It should also be maintained the most of
the French cuisine has been the consequence of their
proximity to other countries. The cookbooks that are
available in the market make French cooking more
difficult. But relatively easier home made French
cuisine is enough to impress you near and dear ones
with delicacies, the names of which will be a
tongue-twister for them.

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