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For those of you who don't know French, understanding what you are reading is essential prior to cooking up a savory dish. If you aren't familiar with a particular word-don't let that throw you off. Creating delicious dishes is relatively easy once you understand exactly what you are reading. The following are explanations of some of the lesser recognizable words and cooking terms that you will find on Gourmandia.com.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Acacia-A shrub or spiny tree indigenous to several geographic locations-Australia, Italy, Jordan to name a few. Acacia is in the pea family. In the recipes found on Gourmandia.com, you will use sweet Acacia Honey-made

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Aioli-Traditionally a French mayonnaise made with garlic, olive oil and egg. There are many variations including aioli with mustard.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Alimentary-Pertains to providing nourishment.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Alsace-The region in northwestern France that is famous for its wine.


?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Anchoiade-A dressing made from crushed anchovy fillets (very salty herring-like fish), garlic and olive oil.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Anise-An herb of the parsley family that possesses the flavor of licorice.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Antipasto-An Italian dish that is generally served with assorted meats, vegetables, fish and cheese as an appetizer.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Arabica-The beans produced from the Arabica coffee tree.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Armagnac-A dry French brandy distilled in the Armagnac region of southwest France.

?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Artichauts-The edible, Mediterranean plant known commonly as the artichoke.


?NLG¢ï¿½?,¢Auberge- A small hotel or youth hostel.



Now that you have the first few pointers you will be able to tackle some of these recipes with no problem whatsoever. Check for future articles translating the remainder of the alphabet. To put these words to tasty use, visit Gourmandia.com. Happy Cuisson!

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