Cajun-fried Turkey Wraps For Your Next Football Party

According to a new LouAna Peanut Oil/Cajun Injector Marinade survey taken by Opinion Research, 38 percent of the people polled plan on getting together with friends or relatives to watch college or NFL football on TV this season. And many say the quality of the food is as important as the game.

"Football fans want great-tasting food that allows you to fill up your plate quickly and get back in front of the TV so you don't miss a great play," says LouAna Peanut Oil spokesman Patrick Mould, chef/owner of Louisiana Culinary Enterprises and author of "Recipes from a Chef."

According to the survey, 49 percent of consumers say they've eaten fried turkey. While Cajun-fried turkey is traditionally served during Thanksgiving or Christmas throughout the South and across the U.S., Chef Mould has come up with a different twist for football parties or other less formal get-togethers: Cajun-fried turkey wraps with a Creole rémoulade sauce.

What You'll Need

• 3 gallons LouAna Peanut Oil

• 6- to 8-pound thawed turkey breast

• 16-oz. jar of Cajun Injector Creole Butter Marinade

• Cajun Injector Electric Fryer

• 6 large flour tortillas

• 6 spinach tortillas

• 3 cups shredded lettuce

• 11/2 cups diced tomatoes

• Sliced avocado for garnish

• Sliced jalapeños for garnish

•Rémoulade sauce

1. Pour peanut oil up to fill line of the electric fryer.

2. Maintain temperature at 350 degrees F throughout frying process to avoid greasy turkey.

3. Rinse turkey breast in cold water and pat dry.

4. Inject 1-2 ounces of marinade per pound into each side of the breast.

5. Place the turkey in the fryer basket, breast side up, and lower into oil.

6. Cook 8 minutes per pound.

7. Lift the turkey out of the oil using protective gloves.

8. Insert a meat thermometer into the turkey. The safest temperature for the meat is 170 degrees F.

9. Move the basket to a preparation area and remove the breast from the basket.

10. Place on platter and let sit for 10 minutes.

Making The Turkey Wraps

1. Debone and cube turkey breast.

2. Lay out each tortilla flat on counter.

3. Spread 2 tablespoons of rémoulade sauce over each tortilla.

4. Place cubed turkey on tortilla, top with shredded lettuce, tomatoes and an additional tablespoon of rémoulade sauce.

5. Roll tortilla up tightly and cut in half.

6. Place on platter and garnish with avocados and sliced jalapeños.

Yields: 12 servings

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