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Red and white are colors that splash throughout the winter holidays in fashion, food, and decorative flair. Color themes dominate every party from the crystal clear goblets sparkling with your favorite golden Champagne to the glittering, shimmering white snowflakes dangling from your chandelier to the impressive arrangement of your colorful rosy red napkin display.

The celebratory menu you choose also requires a combination of gorgeous colors. Remember, the first thing that people notice is if the food looks appealing. Garnish and decorate your carte du jour with all the little necessities that create a palatable presence for your guests. Food has as much, if not more, charisma as the décor you’ve flavored your home with! If you’ve adorned your home with a particular holiday spirit concerning color, you definitely want your table to represent the essence of your home, and vice versa.

Since red and white are associated with the winter holidays, it’s very easy to create a stunning holiday table with striking bursts of the most colorful foods. Try to use all fresh vegetables so the color pops out at your guests. There are some fabulous vegetable dishes with which to "Wow!" your guests. Artichoke Hearts with Crabs, Horseradish Butter, Chives, Cepe Mushroom and Chestnut Salad, Flambe, and Eggplant Caviar with Tomato Sauce are only a few of some highly colorful and flavorful appetizers to impress your guests with and to dress up your table as it should be dressed for the holidays.

Wonderful, juicy entrees of Beef Fillet with Red Wine, Celery Mousse Soup with Chicken Meatballs, and Grilled Meat Farandoles are all beautiful, colorful additions to the traditional turkey being served and will smack of creative intelligence on your part.

Desserts are a definite must, no matter how filled to the gills one is with the main meal. For some outstanding desserts that will fascinate your guests and keep them drooling with desire, go to and indulge these dessert recipes! Just indulge!

Create a complete and dazzling holiday meal filled with enhancing color, filled with unique flavors and special wines, and your family and friends will look forward to future parties with a great sense of fun and curiosity about that hidden part of your personality that explodes with every new gathering!

Enjoy the holidays and remember how blessed you are!

Margaux Sky

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